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Baar Baar Dekho (2016)

Diya Kapoor and Jai Varma are childhood sweethearts. Jai is a mathematics professor and Diya, an artist. While Jai hopes to get a fellowship at Cambridge University, Diya wishes to marry her long-term boyfriend. Jai reluctantly agrees to marry her but changes his mind because of the thought of the seven vows and the many rituals, as well as the fear of divorce. Jai criticizes these as being meaningless rituals and talks negatively about his marriage. He tells Diya that he has other plans for his bright future and she may not be a part of it. She walks away heartbroken. Jai gets drunk and passes out only to wake up in Thailand on his honeymoon. He discovers that it’s been ten days since he married Diya. He has no memory of it at all.

Next up, in 2018, he wakes up in Cambridge, only to find his wife about to deliver their child. He discovers that it has been two years since his marriage. He realizes he has been time travelling and has no control over it.

Next time, in 2034, he wakes up, he is a professor at Cambridge University, his dream job. It has been eighteen years since his marriage. To his horror, Jai realizes that it is the day when he and Diya are divorced. Heartbroken, he returns home and pleads to return to the past to set things right.

Jai wakes up the next day, in 2023, realizing he is in the past, seven years after his marriage. He juggles many priorities of his family and career. However Jai gives more priority to work and instead of going to Diya’s first art exhibition, he goes to his friend Chitra’s place to help her with her breakup. Chitra tries to have an affair with Jai. Believing it to be the cause of his divorce, Jai hastily returns home, but his family is unhappy with him.

Jai is however convinced that he has set things right. The next day, in 2047, he wakes up to find himself in his 60-year-old self. He finds out that his mother had died and everyone gathered for her funeral. After the funeral, Jai is shocked that he and Diya are still divorced and that Diya had married art gallery owner Nikhil Khanna, her show opener, who enjoyed the love of Jai’s mother and children.

Reeling from this blow, Jai comes across the priest who had conducted his marriage, who warns him of the importance of time. Jai is given another opportunity to set things right as he goes back in 2023 on time to the same day, seven years after his marriage. This time, he sets things right. He spends time with his children, does his work well and makes Diya feel special, and attends her art exhibition. At the end of the day, Jai is a happy man.

Jai wakes up back into the present, the day after he argued with Diya about his life and his career, got drunk, and began the long mental voyage into his future while possibly asleep. Jai rushes back to Diya, cherishing every moment along the way, also glad to see his mother again. Jai reconciles with Diya and promises to be true to her. The film ends with them marrying and everyone dancing.

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