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Bajrangi Bhaijaan (2015)

In the hills of Sultanpur, JhelumPakistan lives a six-year-old mute girl named Shahida. One afternoon, she is playing on a hill when she accidentally falls off it. When she doesn’t return home by the end of the day, the villagers organise a search party. After hours of searching, they find the little girl on a branch protruding from the hill. She had been stuck on it for the entire day but couldn’t call for help because of her disability. The following morning, her parents and neighbours discuss what must be done to help her. An older man suggests they take her to the shrine of Sufi saint Nizamuddin Auliya in DelhiIndia. The religious family believes that visiting the holy shrine will bring peace and happiness and most importantly, restore Shahida’s speech. Shahida’s father used to be in the military and fought against the Indian army. He is sure that he won’t be provided with a visa to India. Hence, her mother Razia takes it upon herself to travel far from the village for the first time. The trip goes as planned for the most part. The two reach the shrine, pay for offerings and get on a train back to their home country.

On the return journey, the train stops for repairs at night. When everyone is asleep, Shahida notices a sheep stuck in a pit right outside the train. She doesn’t think much before going outside to help the animal. However, the train restarts before she can return to her mother. The little girl runs towards it but is eventually left behind. In a desperate attempt to go the same way that her mother did, she boards a freight train. But to her dismay, it goes reverse-path and stops in Kurukshetra, India. Razia notices her daughter is missing and stops the train. Policemen are appointed to look for the girl around the track where she was lost. However, they cannot find her since Shahida has already reached a different place. Razia meets her husband who is worried to death about his daughter. They cannot get an immediate visa back to India, much to their dismay. The parents have no other way but to pray that their daughter is safe.

Meanwhile, Shahida is now lost in a different country with no way to communicate. At a religious celebration, she sees a stranger eating at a street-side restaurant. The stranger is the kind Pawan Kumar Chaturvedi who invites her to have a meal with him. After a few minutes of trying to get her to talk, he realises she is mute and starts calling her Munni. A starving Munni finishes the food and follows Pawan around. Assuming that she was separated from her parents during the festival, he asks her to stay in front of a temple. Pawan is a devout Hindu Brahmin and an ardent devotee of Lord Hanuman. He believes that Lord Hanuman will take Munni home if she stays in front of his temple. When Munni still doesn’t stop following him, he brings her to the police station. But since she cannot tell them any details about her parents, the police can only wait for someone to file a missing complaint. Until her parents are found, Munni needs a place to stay, hence, Pawan takes her in. On his way to his home in Delhi, he tells Munni to call him Mama if she ever talks in the future. He also starts naming different Indian cities, asking her to nod if she knows what city her parents are in. All the passengers on the bus help him but none of them name cities outside of India. As they talk, Pawan tells everyone how he came to Delhi for work.

A flashback shows the time he was in high school. He was an average student who could never pass the final examination. All his friends cheated and went on with their lives, but Pawan refused to cheat or lie, being a true devotee of Lord Hanuman. Eventually, he passed on his eleventh try and came to Delhi to look for work. He stayed with his father’s friend, Pandey, a strict Hindu who refused to let the followers of any other religion enter his house. Pandey’s daughter Rasika offered Pawan a job at the school she taught and fell in love with his innocent persona. But being the strict father he is, Pandey asked Pawan to build his own house before marrying his daughter. Even since then, Pawan and Rasika have been working hard to collect money. The two are bound to get married sometime next year. Everyone on the bus is impressed by his story. He and Munni reach his home where Rasika receives them in the doorway. She is glad that Pawan is helping a little girl in need but Pandey doesn’t feel the same way. He is worried about the possibility that Munni belongs to a different religion. Pawan rationalises that she is Hindu because of her fair skin color and persuades Pandey to let her stay for a month. Munni cries every day in memory of her parents even though Pawan and Rasika treat her like their own daughter. Since the entire family is vegetarian, and Munni is accustomed to eating meat with every meal, she hardly ever finishes her food.

One day, Pawan and Rasika find her in a Muslim neighbour’s home devouring home-cooked chicken. Pawan brings her to a restaurant that evening and lets her eat whatever she likes, even though eating meat is against his religion. Munni is very fond of the glittery bangles they sell on the street side. One day while walking down a market, she innocently picks up a pack of bangles before being stopped by the vendor. Pawan makes her return it and takes her to the temple to apologise to God for stealing. As he teaches her to join her hands, Munni sneaks into a Mosque nearby. Pawan is hesitant to follow her inside but he does it anyway. To his utter surprise, he sees her reading the Quran in front of a shrine. For a few minutes, he feels like she betrayed him because he would have never befriended a Muslim. But Rasika makes him realise that she is a human before being Muslim. She hates that her father discriminates against people because of their religion and wants Pawan to be different. Pawan understands and runs into the Mosque to get Munni but by now, she has already left. As he nervously looks for her, she runs to him and hugs him tightly. At that moment, he accepts her entirely, overcoming his irrational fear of going against his religion.

That night is a cricket match against Pakistan and India. The entire family watches it on TV, cheering for India, except Munni who cheers when Pakistan scores. When the Pakistani team wins the game, she dances and kisses their flag on TV. Pawan approaches her and asks her if she is from Pakistan. After weeks of shaking her head to every Indian city, Munni finally nods yes. Pandey is furious. Being a Muslim was bad enough but since the girl is from Pakistan, he can no longer allow her to stay at their home. Pawan promises to hand her to the Pakistani embassy the next day. However, the embassy worker cannot allow her a visa without a passport. In Munni’s case, they don’t even know her real name so a visa allotment is impossible. Moreover, a riot takes place in front of the embassy that closes all visa processing for a month. As the last resort, Pawan takes her to a travel agent at Pandey’s suggestion. The agent promises to take the little girl to the other side of the border and asks for one lakh rupees. Pawan and Rasika give up the funds they had collected for their house to help Munni. The next day, Pawan reluctantly brings Munni to the travel agent’s office and leaves after a tearful farewell. On his way home, he notices a street vendor selling glittery bangles. He remembers that Munni liked them and buys one for her. However, on returning to the travel agent’s office, he finds out that he has been cheated. The agent has taken the little girl to a brothel and is about to sell her into prostitution. The otherwise composed Pawan loses his temper at the sight of the agent counting bills that he made from Munni. He throws the man out of the window and brings Munni home again.

Pawan has made the decision to bring Munni home himself. Although he has no connections or ideas about Pakistani villages, he packs his bags and makes his way to the border. A few miles away from it, they meet a secret agent named Ali who illegally transports people to the other side through a tunnel. After listening to Munni’s story, he agrees to take them for free. When they reach Pakistan’s side of the border, Ali runs away but being a lord Hanuman’s devotee, Pawan refuses to go without asking the guards for permission. When the officers find him, they beat him up as Munni watches and cries. Pawan pretends to laugh even while being beaten so the little girl wouldn’t be afraid. After finding out the reason for his travel the head soldier asks him to do whatever he wants in the following ten minutes before they return for the next round. Pawan decides to wait for them because they have still not permitted him. Although the idea is idiotic, and he gets beaten up again, he is eventually allowed to go, with permission from the soldiers.

In the following scene, he and Munni are in a restaurant. Munni sees a cop’s handcuffs and steals it, assuming that it is a bracelet. The cop finds out and throws Pawan in jail, labelling him as an Indian spy because of the lack of a passport. Then, we are introduced to a struggling journalist Chand Nawab. He finds out about the alleged spy and runs to the police station to interview him. He gets a few vague answers from Pawan and informs the media company that doesn’t take him seriously. Inside the police station, a cop interrogates Pawan but refuses to believe anything he has to say. Suddenly, Munni sees a picture on a table calendar and recognises it as her village. Pawan is overjoyed until the policeman forcefully makes Munni open her mouth. Pawan loses his temper and attacks the man, inviting more trouble for himself. He manages to defeat the officers and run away from the police. Nawab sees him escaping and follows him behind.

They board the bus where Pawan shows the conductor their destination and also tells him Munni’s story. After finding out he is actually a good person, Nawab and the rest of the travellers decide to help him. They hide him and Munni on the top of the bus when the police come looking for them. At night, Nawab, Pawan, and Munni stay at a Mosque. A religious scholar named Azad also helps them and hides them from the policemen searching the entire city for the alleged spy. One of Azad’s students sees “Switzerland” written on the picture that Munni thought was her village. The group is back to square one. After that, Azad dresses up Pawan and Nawab in a burqa and manages to send them outside the city without the police noticing. Pawan, who was oblivious to Islam a few weeks ago, feels strange in their traditional clothing. He apologises to his god but is ready to do anything for Munni. For the next few days, Pawan and Nawab take Munni to several different places, asking people if they know her. Nawab documents their journey and everything about Munni and Pawan’s relationship. He tries selling the documentary to news channels, but they refuse to air it, claiming it is boring. They have to find another way to spread the news so, the people on the internet can help. One day, they go to a famous mosque where they find policemen looking for them. Nawab realises that his cameraman friend is being used by the police to gather information about their whereabouts. The trio immediately runs away from the holy place and gives the cameraman false information to distract the police.

Following that, the group is reviewing the footage from their time at the mosque when Munni recognises her mother in one of the clips. They see her getting into a specific bus and go to the bus driver the very next day. On inquiring, he names all the villages that come to his daily route. One of them is Sultanpur which Munni confirms is her home. Nawab and Pawan hug, having finally found their destination. Nawab also uploads the video documentary on YouTube and the police get a hint of their location through it. On their way to Sultanpur, the bus is stopped to be checked. With no way out, Pawan comes to the police’s view and pretends to run away. While the men are trying to catch him, Nawab takes Munni and brings her back to her village. In the following scene, we see Munni run to her mother, who couldn’t be happier to see her. As she reunites with her family, Pawan gets beaten up by the police.

The documentary on YouTube goes viral and bigger news channels start covering the story. Eventually, people find out that Pawan is not a spy and is being held in prison for helping a little girl. Both Indian and Pakistani people give him all their support. But the Pakistani officials refuse to let him go. They torture him in prison, beating him up for hours, drowning him until his last breath, and starving him. Nawab then claps back with another video, this time on a bigger platform, asking people to gather at the border and ensure that Pawan reaches home safely. The plan works, and several people from both sides come to the border in crowds. Rasika and her family are also among the crowd, waiting for him to come home. Eventually, the officials have to back down. The crowd erupts chanting Pawan’s name as he crosses the border. Then, we see Munni among the crowd, waving her hands but unable to call him. All of a sudden, she shouts “Mama”, the name Pawan wanted her to call him when they first met. The crowd goes silent as she yells goodbye. Pawan turns around in shock. The movie ends as they run to each other and hug.

Source: Wikipedia

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