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Bheeshma Parvam (2022) 720p + 1080p + 2160p 4K

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Bheeshma Parvam (2022) Plot

In the late 1980s, Michael has been handling his family, one of the wealthiest ones in Kochi, and its business after his eldest brother Paily’s death as Mathai, the second sibling is inept. Michael’s late father Varkey has five children: Paily, Mathai, Michael, Simon and Susan; Paily was married to a Muslim Fathima, who after his death, was subsequently married to a close associate of the family named Ali, with whom she has two sons Ajas and Ami. Mathai and his wife Molly happen to have two sons namely Peter and Paul, both of whom deeply dislike Michael but simultaneously fear him along with the other members of family like Simon as Michael had horrifically slayed the sons of Kocheri family, who had assassinated Paily.

Simon is a priest while Susan married a corrupted police officer named Martin and has two children: Rachel and Abel, but her and her children’s relationship with Martin is strained over Martin’s infidelities. During the birthday party of Peter’s son, Pauly, a woman whose son Prince was burnt to death by his girlfriend Elsa’s high-caste family, and Elsa approach Michael, requesting him to help her seek revenge against them. Shivankutty, Michael’s right-hand man beat Elsa’s family members, who are responsible for Prince’s death while it is disclosed that except for Annamma and Michael, Fathima and her sons are dear to none of the family. Michael offers Ami, a warehouse to set up a cafe but Peter and Paul, who control the warehouse, confronts Michael over his act but he restrains them from indulging in family business as it results in only losses.

Molly’s brother James, a politician, consults Michael, appealing him for support to gain votes in the next elections but Michael refuses to accept as he has done nothing good for the public ever since he was elected. Their anger for Michael causes Peter, Paul, James and Simon to team up against him and put an end to his dominance over the rest of the family. James suggests the Kocheri family’s head Iravi Pillai, who has a deep hatred for Michael for murdering his two sons, that he bring back his grandson Kocheri Rajan Madhavan Nair, a notorious crime boss known as “Bada Rajan” in Mumbai for him to avenge his father’s and uncle’s murders. The affair between Rachel and Ami is divulged to the family leading to a discussion, where Martin clearly refuses to allow their wedding, but Michael vows to unite them.

Martin, who hates Michael from earlier for preventing him from having any extra-marital relationships, now teams up with Peter and others as he dislikes Michael involving in the matter of Rachael’s wedding. Rajan, Peter and Paul have Ami murdered on his way back from the cafe and Ami’s friend Rahim informs Ajas that Peter and Paul were spotted at the crime spot when Ami was killed. Enraged, Ajas arrives at the house of Anjootti family and attacks Peter and Paul but Michael resists him and rebukes him as there is no explicit evidence against them, but warns Peter and Paul. Susan, Rachel and Abel move out from Martin after Ami’s murder and Susan and Shivankutty tell Michael that Martin might be involved in Paily and Ali’s deaths. While returning home from Susan’s flat, a gang of thugs instructed by Rajan brutally attack Michael and his men, which results in Shivankutty’s death.

Michael is hospitalized and regains his consciousness after three days, vowing to retribute and end the perpetrators in his family. Upon being instructed by Michael, Ajas kills Martin by driving a truck over him and later meets James, where he gives him a file that exposes all of his illegal activities. Scoffing Ajas, James claims that he shall return in two days from prison using his influence but Ajas counter-attacks by telling that he and Michael will be waiting to finish him. The police arrests a terrified James. Subsequently, Ajas meets a few victims of Simon and persuades them to file a case against him, swearing support. As a result, Simon is arrested. In a garage later, Ajas kills Peter and threatens Paul to leave from Kochi. Rajan is executed on commands from another crime boss “Chota Rajan”, Rajan’s mentee. Michael and Ajas visit Kocheri family to confirm Rajan’s death. Michael passes on his position to Ajas.

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