Crew (2024) Hindi WEB-DL 720p & 1080p

Crew (2024) Hindi WEB-DL 720p & 1080p

Download Crew (2024) Hindi 720p & 1080p

Download Crew (2024) 720p & 1080p

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Crew 2024 Movie Plot

Geeta Sethi, Jasmine Kohli, and Divya Rana are flight attendants with Kohinoor Airlines in Mumbai, which is on the verge of bankruptcy. The staff have not been paid their salaries in months, and the three friends, like all the other employees, keep hoping that things will change. Geeta’s husband, Arun, runs a struggling food business from home. She has to financially support her unemployed brother, Punnu, and his wife, Sapna, as well. Jasmine was raised by her maternal grandfather after her parents divorced. She does not believe in relationships, is fond of expensive things, and flaunts a fake and flashy lifestyle on social media. Divya is trained to be a pilot but is forced to take up the job of a flight attendant due to a lack of openings and keeps this hidden from her family as well as struggling to repay her education loan.

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