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Dunki (2023) Plot

In 2020, an elderly Manu Randhawa runs away from a hospital in London and meets immigration lawyer Puru Patel. She requests his assistance in connecting her with her ex-lover Hardayal “Hardy” Singh Dhillon. In Laltu, Punjab, an aged Hardy is ecstatic to receive Manu’s call after 25 years. She asks him to meet her in Dubai so that he can bring her back to India through the Dunki route because she is unable to get an Indian visa.

In 1995, Manu and her friends Buggu and Balli, live in Laltu and yearn to immigrate to London for a better life. Poor and uneducated, they are unable to procure a visa despite trying various methods. One day, Hardy, an ex-army officer, arrives in their village. Manu’s brother Mahinder had saved his life in combat, and he has come to return his personal belongings, but realises that Mahinder has died in an accident, leaving Manu and her family in a poor financial situation. Hardy promises to help Manu reach London in return for her brother’s kindness. When they are told that by passing the IELTS test, it is easier to get a UK student visa, they enroll at an IELTS coaching class taught by Geetu Gulati, where they meet Sukhi. Sukhi wants to travel to London to save his ex-girlfriend, Jassi, who was married off to an NRI man who physically abuses her. Balli eventually clears the exams and the rest fail.

Once in London, Balli sends photos of himself in front of a big house and a car, making his friends and family in India believe that he has made it big in the UK. He also tells Sukhi that Jassi has died by suicide after learning about Sukhi failing in IELTS, due to which Sukhi immolates himself.

Traumatised by Sukhi’s death, Hardy promises to take Manu and Buggu to London himself through the Dunki route. After a treacherous journey through Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran and Turkey during which three of their cohorts are killed, Hardy saves Manu from getting sexually assaulted. Finally, they reach London where they come across Balli working as a living statue. Balli takes them with him to the place he lives in, where they realise that the photos he had sent were fake, and that he is actually living hand-to-mouth in the UK, and shares a small ramshackle house with a number of other illegal immigrants sleeping in Bunk beds, and in constant fear of being discovered by the police and immigration authorities.

They meet lawyer Puru Patel, who advises Manu to enter into a sham marriage as an easy way to get UK citizenship. Manu reluctantly agrees to go and marry a drug addict. During the wedding ceremony in church, Hardy is enraged by the drug addict’s attempt to kiss Manu, and they engage in a fight due to which they are both arrested, along with Balli and Buggu. In court, Puru advises them to seek right of asylum to stay in the country by claiming that their lives are under threat in India. As an ex-army officer, Hardy refuses to betray his country, but the rest agree as a means to get asylum and settle in England. Hardy is soon deported to India, while the rest become British citizens, initially working as living statues.

In the present day, Manu tells Hardy that she wants to go back home as she is dying of a brain tumor. They try to leave for India via cargo containers. They eventually fool immigration officials into believing that they are Indian citizens traveling illegally to London, and are thus deported to India. Once they reach Laltu, Manu is shocked to learn that Hardy never married out of love for her. Shortly after Hardy proposes to her, Manu dies from her ailment. Heartbroken, Hardy puts the engagement ring into her hands and hugs her, watching the Diwali fireworks in the evening. The film ends with an epilogue that no visas were issued to travel to other countries about 140 years ago.

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