I (2015) 720p + 1080p Web-DL x265 HEVC [Org Hin-Tam]

I (2015) 720p + 1080p Web-DL x265 HEVC [Org Hin-Tam]

Download I (2015) 720+1080p

Download I (2015) 720+1080p

I (2015) Plot

Lingesan is a bodybuilder from Chennai, whose main ambition is to become Mr. India. He wins the title of Mr. Tamil Nadu, which gives him direct entry to the Mr. India pageant. He has a crush on Diya, a leading supermodel. Diya is soon blacklisted, with all her advertisement film contracts cancelled by John, her co-star in all her advertisements, after she constantly rejected his sexual advances. To save her career, Diya decides to replace John with Lingesan, whom she had earlier met at one of her shoots, as her co-star for her next advertisement. The shooting is to take place in China at the same time when the Mr. India pageant is to take place, but Lingesan agrees, sacrificing his Mr. India ambitions in the process.

Lingesan is given a makeover by Diya’s stylist, a transgender woman Osma. The shoot initially does not go well as Lingesan is shy and awkward around Diya. On her director’s advice, Diya pretends to fall in love with Lingesan so that he would loosen up and perform better during the shoot. The plan proves successful but Diya soon tells Lingesan the truth. Hurt, he focuses on modelling instead of her. They both gradually excel in the modelling industry as the lead pair. As time passes, Diya reciprocates Lingesan’s love for her and they soon get engaged.

In his journey from a bodybuilder to a top model, Lingesan became a rich and influential model. But Lingesan got many enemies, including John, whose modelling career was ruined due to Lingesan’s rising popularity, forcing him to appear in local advertisements to stay afloat; Osma, who feels love for Lingesan and revealed her feelings to him, only to be rejected; advertisement company owner Indrakumar, whose company suffered losses when Lingesan refused to endorse their soft drink as it was reported to contain pesticides; and another bodybuilder Ravi, who also competed for the Mr. Tamil Nadu title but lost to Lingesan despite pressurizing the latter to withdraw. These four people conspire to take revenge on Lingesan and destroy his fame and modelling career.

Two days before his wedding, Lingesan slowly starts to experience hair and teeth loss and a skin disorder. He consults his friend Vasudevan, a doctor who is also the guardian of Diya’s family. Vasudevan claims that he is suffering from a rare and incurable genetic disease that results in premature ageing. Lingesan’s condition worsens, with his face and body deforming, and eventually, he becomes a hunchback. In his current condition, Lingesan decides to disappear from the public eye and also from Diya’s life by faking his death in a car accident. Only his friend Babu and Vasudevan know that he is alive. Nobody is ready to marry Diya due to her past with Lingesan. Lingesan asks Vasudevan to marry Diya as he is the only person who will be able to understand Diya’s past and present situation. Vasudevan agrees and the wedding is fixed.

On the eve of Diya’s wedding, another doctor named Thiruvengadam reveals to Lingesan that, contrary to Vasudevan’s claims, he is actually suffering from H4N2 influenza, caused by the “I” virus, which can only be transmitted by injection. Lingesan discovers that John, Osma, Indrakumar, Ravi and, to his horror, even Vasudevan, are responsible for injecting the virus into his body. Vasudevan lusted for Diya since she was 10 years old and was enraged when she chose Lingesan over him. So, he sided with Lingesan’s enemies and planned the entire operation to have Lingesan injected with the virus. Lingesan is then beaten up by them and tied up, but manages to escape later. Enraged and betrayed, Lingesan abducts Diya on the wedding day and keeps her safely in an old house without revealing his identity to her.

Aided by Babu, Lingesan decides to take revenge on those who had deformed him by disfiguring them without killing them. He first immolates Ravi, who suffers severe burns. He then prepares a paste which he mixes with Osma’s daily cosmetic products and unbeknownst to her she applies it on her body, causing her body to have Hypertrichosis. Next, he douses Indrakumar with sugar syrup which causes a swarm of bees to sting him all over his body. He lures John to fight over a moving train and gets him electrocuted. Finally, he gets Vasudevan to unwittingly inject “I” virus into himself five times through a dog-bite (as he swapped the antidote with the virus), causing his whole body to swell up. After achieving his revenge, Lingesan reveals his condition to Diya, who, though initially taken aback, still loves him despite his deformity. They decide to live a secluded life together. Lingesan undergoes stem cell treatment, blood transfusion, yoga and physiotherapy for his condition and gradually returns to normal.

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