Mardaani (2014) Hindi 720p + 1080p BluRay x265 HEVC

Mardaani (2014) Hindi 720p + 1080p BluRay x265 HEVC

Download Mardaani (2014) Hindi 720p + 1080p

Download Mardaani 720p + 1080p

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Mardaani Movie Plot

The film opens with a secret police operation orchestrated by Shivani Shivaji Roy, a dedicated Crime Branch Senior Inspector of the Mumbai Police, in order to catch a pimp named Rahman from his hideout. She barges in with her team and arrests Rahman, and rescues his mistress. Shivani lives with her husband, Dr. Bikram Roy, and teenage niece, Meera. Prior to the film, she rescued an orphaned girl named Pyaari from being sold by her uncle, and started looking after her like her own daughter. One day, Shivani finds out that Pyaari has been missing from her shelter home from five days and begins an investigation, where she finds out that the mastermind behind this kidnapping is a Delhi-based kingpin named Karan Rastogi (Tahir Raj Bhasin), who runs a cartel involving child trafficking and drugs. Shivani takes the task personally, going beyond her job and duties to nab Karan.

Shivani forces Rahman to reveal the names of Karan’s associates and comes across Sunny Katyal (Anant Vidhaat Sharma), a car-dealer who operates Karan’s trafficking business in Mumbai. Karan discovers that Shivani is monitoring his cartel’s activities and tries to have Katyal killed for becoming a liability. However, Shivani saves Katyal, and he agrees to help her nab Karan. Determined to catch him, Shivani tracks down Karan’s aide, Wakeel. Karan, angered, makes sure that Pyaari is sold and raped every day. As a warning, he spreads fake news that Shivani’s husband has misused his profession as a doctor to molest a female patient, causing Bikram to be thrown off-duty. He then chops off one of Pyaari’s fingers and sends it to Shivani’s house in a gift box. Meanwhile, Karan’s right-hand man Mattu (Aman Uppal) gets a contract to host a party full of prostitutes from a man named Tandon on the behalf of a minister in Delhi, Taneja ji. Mattu also kills one of the girls in Karan’s brothel at his orders when she contracts dengue, further scaring Pyaari.

Shivani travels to Delhi and sets up a trap involving decoy drug dealers from Nigeria, who pretend to offer expensive and rare South American cocaine to Karan and Wakeel. As they are negotiating, Shivani barges in with her team. While Karan escapes, Wakeel tries to erase evidence by destroying his mobile phone’s SIM card, then commits suicide. Shivani and her Delhi-based teammate Balwinder Singh Sodhi track down a tailor who knew Wakeel from a long time. He reveals that a prostitute named Meenu Rastogi was Wakeel’s closest associate. Shivani’s continued investigation leads her to Karan’s house, where Meenu, revealing herself as Karan’s mother, sedates her.

She is abducted and brought to Karan’s party. There, Shivani reunites with Pyaari, where she and the other girls are forced to work as prostitutes. Karan invites Taneja ji and allows him to rape Shivani. However, she escapes and ruthlessly beats Taneja before taking him hostage. Shivani single-handedly confronts the situation, forcing Karan into a small room and rescuing the girls. She challenges Karan to fight her when he teases her for being a woman and beats him. Feeling that he might escape the law, given the corrupt police and judicial system, she hands Karan over to the girls, who beat him to death. Subsequently, Sodhi and the entire team barges in and arrests Mattu, Tandon and Karan’s gang members. Meenu is also attacked by the girls and gets paralyzed by shock while Taneja survives, before being sentenced to life imprisonment.

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