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A centuries-long war between humans and vampires devastates the planet’s surface and leads to a theocracy under “The Church”. Despite vampires’ vulnerability to sunlight, their strength and speed make them impossible to defeat until humanity shelters in walled cities and trains elite warriors, the Priests, who turn the tide. After the war, most vampires are killed, while the remainder are placed in reservations. With the war over, the Clergy disbands the few surviving Priests, who try to integrate into city society. Outside the walled cities, some humans seek out a living, free from The Church’s totalitarian control.

One particular Priest is approached by Hicks, the sheriff of a free town, Augustine. Hicks reveals Priest’s brother, Owen, and his wife, Shannon, died in a vampire attack, and Priest’s niece, Lucy, was kidnapped. Being in love with Lucy, Hicks asks for Priest’s help in rescuing her. Priest asks the Clergy to reinstate his authority, but leader Monsignor Orelas disbelieves the vampire story and refuses. Priest leaves the city and Orelas sends three Priests and a Priestess to bring him back.

Priest and Hicks arrive at Nightshade Reservation where Familiars, humans infected with a pathogen making them subservient to vampires, live alongside their masters. After a battle, the pair discovers that most vampires shelter in the vampire Hive of Sola Mira, believed to be abandoned after the war. There, Priestess decides to join them, having fought alongside Priest during the war and feeling a closer allegiance to him than The Church. The last time the two fought in Sola Mira, Priest failed to save one of his own, an event that still haunts him. Priest, Priestess and Hicks destroy a Hive Guardian vampire, then discover the vampires have bred a new army and dug a tunnel towards a town called Jericho. The other three of Orelas’ Priests arrive at Jericho as night falls and an armored train arrives, unleashing vampires. The creatures are led by a powerful human wearing a black hat. When the Priests reject Black Hat’s offer to join him, he kills them all.

The next morning, Priest, Priestess, and Hicks arrive in Jericho, discovering the town empty and the three Priests crucified. The vampires have used trains to travel by day and attack free towns by night, with the walled cities at the end of the train line. Hicks believes the cities are likewise protected by the sun, but Priest explains that their clouds of smoke and ash permanently deprive them of sunlight. If the train reaches a city, the attack will be a slaughter.

Hicks threatens Priest, believing he will kill Lucy if she is infected. Priestess reveals Lucy is actually Priest’s daughter. He was in a relationship with Shannon, Lucy’s mother, and Owen stepped in as a husband and father when Priest was taken by the Church. Lucy was never told the truth.

While Priestess rushes ahead to plant a bomb on the railroad tracks, Priest and Hicks board the train to rescue Lucy. Battling vampires and Familiars, the two are overpowered by Black Hat just as they find Lucy. Black Hat is revealed as the priest lost in the attack on Sola Mira. After his capture, the vampire Queen gave him her blood, turning him into the first Vampire-Human hybrid who can survive the sun. As Priest fights Black Hat, Lucy discovers the truth about her parentage. On the tracks ahead of the train, Priestess battles several Familiars, but one destroys the explosives’ detonator. To accomplish her mission, she mounts the explosives on her motorbike and drives it into the train engine, jumping off before the ensuing explosion. The subsequent derailment kills the vampires and Black Hat while Hicks, Priest, Priestess, and Lucy escape.

Priest returns to the city and confronts Orelas during Mass, telling him of the burnt train containing the vampires’ bodies, but not the Queen’s. He proves this by throwing a vampire head onto the floor, shocking everyone in the room. Orelas still refuses to believe him, declaring the war is over. Outside the city Priest meets Priestess, who confirms other Priests have been notified and will meet them soon.

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