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Shazam Fury of the Gods (2023)

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Shazam Fury of the Gods (2023) Plot

Four years after Thaddeus Sivana‘s defeat[b] Hespera and Kalypso, daughters of the Titan Atlas, break into the Acropolis Museum in Athens, Greece and steal the Wizard‘s broken staff.[c] They take it to the Wizard, who was imprisoned in the Gods’ Realm, and force him to repair the staff to reactivate its powers.

In PhiladelphiaBilly Batson and his “Shazamily” are drifting apart as they grow up and pursue their own interests. Billy is worried about being kicked out of the Vasquez family when he turns eighteen. In a dream, the Wizard warns Billy about the Daughters of Atlas, prompting the Shazamily to begin researching them.

Freddy Freeman meets a new girl named Anne, to whom he shows off his superhero self. Hespera and Kalypso arrive with the staff and steal Freddy’s powers, and Anne is revealed to be their youngest sister, Anthea. Billy and the Shazamily attempt to save Freddy, but the daughters kidnap him and place an indestructible dome around the city, trapping everyone inside. Freddy is imprisoned with the Wizard in the Gods’ Realm.

The Shazamily enter the Rock of Eternity, where they encounter a sentient pen named Steve, which they use to draft a letter to negotiate with Hespera for Freddy’s release. Billy meets Hespera at a local restaurant, and, while the meeting is initially cordial, she and Kalypso soon fight the Shazamily. Pedro loses his powers during the fight, while Hespera is captured and taken to the Rock. Having planned her capture, Hespera easily breaks out and steals the Golden Apple, the seed of the Tree of Life. Meanwhile, Freddy and the Wizard attempt to escape the Gods’ Realm with a sympathetic Anthea’s help, just as Hespera returns with the Apple. The Daughters argue as Hespera and Anthea want to use the Apple to revive their realm, while Kalypso wishes to plant it on Earth to destroy it. Freddy steals the Apple but is discovered. Billy and the Shazamily show up, and Freddy reacquires his powers.

Billy and the Shazamily emerge with the Wizard in the Vasquez home, where they reveal their secret identities to their foster parents. Kalypso appears with a dragon named Ladon to acquire the Apple and destroy the Vasquez house. The family attempts to keep the apple away from Kalypso, but everyone except Billy loses their powers in the skirmish. Kalypso retrieves the Apple and uses it to plant the Tree at Citizens Bank Park, which spawns various monsters to attack the city. Hespera and Anthea object to their sister’s destructive plan, but Kalypso mortally wounds Hespera and de-powers Anthea. Billy, in despair, asks the Wizard to revoke his powers, but the Wizard assures him that he is a true hero who is worthy of them.

Heeding the Wizard’s words, Billy flies off to stop Kalypso, while the Shazamily enlists the help of unicorns to fend off the other monsters. Billy persuades a dying Hespera to help him stop Kalypso. Realizing the dome reacts violently to his lightning, Billy lures Kalypso to the park while Hespera shrinks the dome to contain them. Billy sacrifices himself to stop Kalypso and Ladon by overloading the staff with electricity, destroying the Tree and Kalypso’s army with them. Hespera acknowledges Billy as a true god before succumbing to her wounds, causing the dome to disappear.

Anthea takes Billy’s grieving family to the Gods’ Realm for his burial. Diana Prince, the Amazon princess with godly powers, appears and repairs the staff, imbuing it with her power and using it to revive the Gods’ Realm, restore Anthea’s powers, and resurrect Billy. Billy, in turn, uses the staff to restore his siblings’ powers. The Shazamily rebuild their home while Anthea and Freddy start a relationship and the Wizard takes up residence on Earth.

In a mid-credits sceneEmilia Harcourt and John Economos attempt to recruit Billy into the Justice Society on behalf of Amanda Waller, but he declines.

In a post-credits scene, a still-incarcerated Sivana encounters Mister Mind once again, enraged that he has not begun enacting their plan.

Source: Wikipedia Shazam Fury Of The Gods (2023)

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