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The Amazing Spider Man (2012)

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The Amazing Spider Man (2012) Plot

A young Peter Parker finds his father’s home office burglarized. Richard and Mary Parker, Peter’s parents, gather hidden documents, take Peter to the home of his Aunt May and Uncle Ben, and mysteriously leave.

Years later, a teenage Peter attends Midtown Science High School; he is intelligent but socially awkward and often bullied. He has a crush on Gwen Stacy, who returns his feelings. Learning that his father is friends with Dr. Curt Connors, a scientist at Oscorp in the field of cross-species genetics, Peter sneaks into Oscorp, where he is bitten by a genetically modified spider. He develops spider-like abilities, superhuman strength, sharp senses, agility, speed, and the ability to cling to walls. Connors, whose right arm has been amputated, is conducting experiments to regenerate limbs. Peter finds the missing piece to Connors’ experiments in his father’s papers – the “decay rate algorithm”. He visits Connors, reveals that he is Richard’s son, and gives Connors the algorithm. At home, Peter and Ben argue, and Peter leaves. While searching for him, Ben tries to stop a thief that Peter allowed to escape, is shot, and dies in Peter’s arms. Peter uses his new abilities to track down criminals matching the killer’s description. He creates a mask and spandex suit to hide his identity, and builds mechanical web-shooters. At dinner with Gwen’s family, he discovers her father is police captain George Stacy, who dislikes the new vigilante hero. Peter reveals his identity to Gwen.

After seeing success with the lab rats using lizard DNA, Connors’ superior Rajit Ratha demands that Connors begin human trials. Connors refuses to rush the drug-testing procedure and put innocent people at risk. Ratha fires Connors and decides to test his serum at a Veterans Administration hospital. A desperate Connors tries the formula on himself, passes out, and awakens to find that his missing arm has regenerated. Connors turns into a violent humanoid reptile while trying to intercept Ratha and attacks people on the Williamsburg Bridge. Peter, now using the alias Spider-Man, saves the people from Connors’ attack. As a result of this, the police issue a city-wide manhunt for both the Lizard and Spider-Man. Peter tracks Connors to the sewers before he is attacked by Connors, but manages to escape. The Lizard finds a camera with Peter’s name on it, and he attacks Peter at his school. Pursuing Connors, Peter discovers Connors’s lab in the sewers and learns that he plans to release a biochemical agent from Oscorp tower to turn all humans in New York into reptilian hybrids like himself, eliminating the weaknesses he believes plague humanity. Captain Stacy and the police corners Spider-Man. Captain Stacy discovers that Spider-Man is Peter, and Peter is released to stop the Lizard.

Gwen creates an antidote, which Peter disperses, restoring Connors and his victims back to normal, but not before the Lizard fatally wounds Captain Stacy. Before his death, Stacy asks Peter to avoid Gwen in order to keep her safe. Peter does so, but realizes that they are both unhappy, hinting to her that he may not keep his promise.

An incarcerated Connors speaks with a man in the shadows who asks if Peter knows the truth about his father. Connors tells him Peter does not know and demands that Peter to be left alone, before the man disappears.[b]

Source: Wikipedia The Amazing Spider Man (2012)

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