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Aisha Chaudhary narrated the story of her parents Moose (her mother) and Panda (her father) from the afterlife. Aditi and Niren Chaudhary are a young couple who come from different backgrounds. The couple get married and Aditi becomes pregnant with their first child Tanya Chaudhary, who dies within months of her birth due to the severe combined immunodeficiency condition.

Aditi and Niren have a second child named Ishaan. A few years later, Aditi bore their third child, a girl named Aisha. They later learn Aisha has the same medical condition as Tanya did and are heartbroken. After the doctors in Delhi give up on Aisha’s treatment, the couple go to London where they learn the disease could be treated with a very costly bone marrow transplant. Niren starts working to earn the money while also asking for crowdfunding via a radio station. After several weeks, they learn several people have donated money for Aisha’s treatment. The surgery is successful but Aisha is kept under doctor’s watch. Aditi decides to stay in London while Niren returns to India with his family and his son Ishaan.

Several years later, Aisha has recovered from her illness, and Niren and Aditi decide to move back to India. They move to the outskirts of Delhi and buy a large, opulent bungalow. After collapsing at a party, Aisha is diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis, a side-effect of the chemotherapy she underwent. With Aisha’s life shortened, Aditi sets out to fulfill all of Aisha’s dreams such as adopting a pet, seeing aquatic life and writing a book. As Aisha’s condition worsens, Aditi grows increasingly overprotective and stressed, and suffers a psychotic breakdown and is hospitalized. Aditi does everything in her power to ensure Aisha gets to see the first copy of her book before she dies.

After the death of Aisha, Aditi and Niren’s relationship is strained. While living together, they grow apart and are constantly fighting with each other. Niren is angry and leaves for London while Aditi stays in India. Aditi later goes to meet Niren in London and they reconcile by keeping the memories of Aisha

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