The Thirteenth Floor (1999) 720p + 1080p BluRay x265 10bit HEVC [Org Hindi DD 2.0 ~ 256Kbps + English TrueHD 5.1] ESub

The Thirteenth Floor (1999) 720p + 1080p BluRay x265 10bit HEVC [Org Hindi DD 2.0 ~ 256Kbps + English TrueHD 5.1] ESub

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The Thirteenth Floor (1999) Plot

In 1999 Los Angeles, Hannon Fuller (Mueller-Stahl) owns a multibillion-dollar computer enterprise and is the inventor of a newly completed virtual reality (VR) simulation of 1937 Los Angeles, filled with simulated humans unaware they are computer programs. When Fuller is murdered just as he begins premature testing of the VR system, his friend and protégé, Douglas Hall (Bierko), who is also the heir to the company, becomes the primary suspect. The evidence against him is so strong that Hall begins to doubt his own innocence.

Between interrogations by LAPD Detective Larry McBain (Haysbert), Hall meets Jane Fuller (Gretchen Mol), the estranged daughter of Hannon Fuller, who is busy with the shutdown of the new VR system. Hall then romances her. When a local bartender is murdered after he claims to have witnessed a meeting between Hall and Fuller on the night Fuller was murdered, Hall is arrested. He is released when Jane gives him an alibi.

With the assistance of his associate Whitney (D’Onofrio), Hall attempts to find a message that Fuller left for him inside the simulation. Entering the virtual reality, Hall becomes a bank clerk named John Ferguson. Fuller left the message with a bartender named Jerry Ashton (D’Onofrio), who read the message and discovered he was an artificial creation. Earlier, Ashton notices that Ferguson switched places with Hall in the men’s restroom of the hotel where Ashton works, and begins to realize that something was wrong. Frightened and angry, Ashton tries to kill Hall. Hall barely survives to escape the VR.

McBain informs Hall that Jane does not exist, as Fuller never had a daughter. Hall tracks her down only to discover her double, Natasha Molinaro, working as a grocery store clerk, but Molinaro does not recognize Hall. This leads Hall to experiment with the VR system, something that Fuller’s message instructed him to try: drive to a place where he never would have considered going otherwise. He does so and discovers a point beyond which the world becomes a crude wireframe model. Hall grasps the revelation behind Fuller’s message: 1999 Los Angeles is itself a simulation.

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