Download Underworld 2006 720p + 1080p + 2160p 4K BluRay x265 10bit HEVC [Org Hindi DD 2.0 ~ 224Kbps + English DTS-HDMA TrueHD

Underworld 2006 720p + 1080p + 2160p 4K BluRay x265 10bit HEVC [Org Hindi DD 2.0 ~ 224Kbps + English DTS-HDMA TrueHD .

Download Underworld 2006 720p + 1080p + 2160p 4K

Download Underworld 2006 720p + 1080p + 2160p 4K

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Underworld 2006 Plot

In 1202, an army led by the three vampire elders (MarkusViktor, and Amelia) arrives at a village full of Werewolves. Viktor and Amelia capture their target, Markus’s twin brother, William Corvinus, the first and most powerful werewolf. Despite Markus’s defiance, Viktor orders that William be forever imprisoned in a secret location.

In the present day, vampire Selene takes Michael to a safe house so that she can confront the vampire regent Kraven; she plans to stop Kraven from killing Markus. Markus awakens before Kraven arrives and kills him and his men. Lorenz Macaro, an elderly man who is really an immortal and forefather to both the vampire and Lycan races, sends in a team to investigate the aftermath of the battle in the Lycans’ lair. When Macaro examines Viktor’s corpse he finds a metal disc which matches a pendant originally worn by Sonja. The other half of the pendant is possessed by Michael after Lucian’s death.

Using the knowledge of computers obtained from Kraven’s blood, Markus tracks Selene and Michael down and attacks them, but they evade him and hide in a warehouse. There, Selene and Michael share their feelings and have passionate sex. Knowing that the pendant is important to Markus, Michael and Selene set out to discover why he wants it. Selene recalls that she saw it as a child, but does not know its significance. They travel to the hideout of the exiled vampire historian Andreas Tanis.

Tanis reveals that Markus was the first vampire, one of the three sons of Alexander Corvinus, the first immortal. Markus was bitten by a bat and metamorphosed into a vampire, while William was bitten by a wolf and metamorphosed into a werewolf. The third son remained human and gave rise to a line of mortal descendants including Michael, who became the first Lycan-Vampire hybrid. The first werewolves created by William were entirely feral and unable to return to their human forms. Due to William’s destructiveness, Markus approached Viktor, then a dying mortal warlord, Underworld 2006and offered to metamorphose him and his army into vampires in exchange for tracking down and stopping William, and destroying those he had infected. Viktor did not kill the brothers because he was led to believe that doing so would result in the immediate extinction of all vampires and Lycans. Tanis further reveals that Selene’s father was the architect who built William’s prison and that the pendant is the key. Viktor killed Selene’s family because they knew the prison’s location, but metamorphosed Selene into a vampire with the location of the prison encoded in her blood. Tanis then refers Selene and Michael to Macaro for help. After Selene and Michael leave, Markus arrives and drinks Tanis’ blood to learn Selene and Michael’s location, killing Tanis.

Visiting Macaro, Selene and Michael discover he is Alexander Corvinus. Alexander reveals that he has devoted his entire immortal life to keeping the Vampire-Lycan war a secret, and refuses to assist Selene in killing his sons. Markus arrives, fights Michael and impales him. He learns the location of William’s prison by drinking Selene’s blood before mortally wounding his father and obtaining the other half of the pendant. He mocks his father’s refusal to help William, revealing that he intends, with William, to rule the world as the master of a race of vampire-Lycan hybrids. At Alexander’s bidding, Selene drinks his blood, enhancing her physical strength and healing abilities to a level equivalent to that of a hybrid. Afterwards, Alexander blows up his ship, killing himself.

Selene, aboard Alexander’s helicopter, leads his team to the prison to confront and destroy Markus, but he has already freed William. In the ensuing battle, Michael, presumed dead and carried aboard the helicopter, awakens and joins the fight in his hybrid form, killing William by ripping his head off. Selene engages Markus in hand-to-hand combat, killing him by pushing him into the rotor blades of the team’s crashed helicopter.

After the battle, Selene discovers that Alexander’s blood granted her hybrid abilities, including being immune to the effects of sunlight, which is lethal to vampires.

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