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The Government of Pakistan decides to review unsolved cases pertaining to Indian prisoners as a goodwill gesture. Saamiya Siddiqui, a budding Pakistani lawyer, is given the defense of prisoner 786, whose name is documented as Rajesh Rathore, as her first case. The prisoner has not spoken to anyone for 22 years. However, when Saamiya addresses him by his real name, Veer Pratap Singh, he opens up to her and narrates his story.

Twenty two years earlier, Zaara Hayaat Khan is a lively young Pakistani woman whose family is of political background and high standing in Lahore. Her engagement is soon arranged to Raza Shirazi, a wealthy, influential Pakistani lawyer. Zaara’s Sikh nanny, whom she addresses as her grandmother Bebe, is living her final days and as her last wish, asks Zaara to scatter her ashes in the Sutlej river near her holy place among her ancestors. While traveling to India, Zaara’s bus meets with an accident. Veer, an Indian Air Force pilot and a Punjabi Sikh, rescues her and helps her complete Bebe’s final wish. Realising that he is falling in love with Zaara, Veer requests her to come with him to his village for a day for the festival of Lohri, where she meets Veer’s adoptive parents, his uncle Choudhary Sumer Singh and aunt Saraswati Kaur, and emotionally bonds with them.

The next day, Veer takes Zaara to the train station for her return journey to Pakistan, where her fiancé Raza arrives to take her back to Lahore. Before she departs, Veer confesses his love to her, accepting that they cannot be together. Zaara is stunned into silence but bids him goodbye, and both believe they will never meet again.

In the midst of her wedding preparations in Pakistan, Zaara realises that she too is in love with Veer. Upon revealing this to her mother, Mariyam, she is reprimanded and asked to maintain her family’s honour and marry Raza, which would further her father’s political career. Seeing Zaara’s deep sorrow, her friend Shabbo calls Veer, begging him to take Zaara away before her wedding. Veer then quits the Indian Air Force and travels to Pakistan. He arrives days prior to Zaara’s wedding, and Zaara tearfully runs into his arms in front of her family and guests in a dargah. Her father, Jehangir, falls ill of shock and anger.

Mariyam begs Veer to leave Zaara, fearing for Jehangir’s high-profile reputation and health. Veer respects this request, and attempts to return to India. But Raza, outraged and jealous over Zaara’s perceived public rejection of him, has Veer pulled off his bus and arrested by Pakistani police. Raza blackmails Veer with two choices: sign a falsified document that would have him imprisoned for life on charges of being an Indian spy with a different name, or walk free with the knowledge that Raza will marry Zaara and make her life a living hell. Veer sacrifices his freedom out of his deep love for Zaara, signs the document, and is imprisoned in Pakistan. Meanwhile, his return bus to India falls off a cliff, killing all the passengers, and Veer is presumed dead for others.

Veer requests Saamiya not to mention either Zaara or her family whilst fighting the case, believing that Zaara is happily married by now with children, and not wanting to ruin her reputation or make her married life difficult by digging out old skeletons of a past relationship in public. Fearing that he will remain imprisoned, Saamiya travels to Veer’s village to find someone who can prove his true identity. At Veer’s late parents’ house, she is shocked to find that it is now a village school for girls and that both Zaara and Shabbo are living there. Shabbo informs Saamiya that Zaara had thought Veer died in the bus accident 22 years ago, and she subsequently broke off the marriage with Raza with her father’s support, after which Raza moved abroad. Zaara’s father died after two years, and then her mother a few years later, post which Veer’s parents passed away in a few years too. Believing that the Hayat Khan family has basically perished, Zaara and Shabbo left Pakistan and settled in Veer’s village in India, so that Zaara could fulfill Veer’s and Veer’s father’s dream of building a school for girls and developing their village. Zaara reacts in shock and happiness when Saamiya informs her that Veer is still alive. She accompanies Saamiya back to Pakistan and shares an emotional reunion with Veer. Her statement and evidence in court prove Veer’s innocence and true identity, and the judge frees him, apologizing on behalf of Pakistan. Veer and Zaara marry, bid goodbye to Saamiya at the Wagah border crossing, and return to their village, spending the rest of their life in togetherness

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