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Gabbar is Back (2015)

The police get information that 10 tehsildars across Maharashtra have been mysteriously kidnapped. However, no sooner are they mysteriously returned – except the most corrupt officer, who is hanged. The police get a CD from mystery man ‘Gabbar’, who says his mission is to target corrupt officers. Police driver Sadhuram is convinced he can crack the mystery of who is Gabbar, even though his superior officers humiliate and insult him in front of the other officers.

National College professor Aditya Singh Rajput thrashes some goons who try to vandalize college property while he demonstrates his Physics lecture to the students. On his way home one night, he encounters a young lawyer, Shruti, who is in a hurry to take a pregnant woman to the hospital, but the woman’s water breaks, and Shruti, claiming to be aware of the delivery process, sends Aditya out. With the delivery being successful, they drive to the hospital, but before Shruti can thank Aditya, she finds him gone. Some days later, she bumps into Aditya again during a fight, and they begin dating. Sadhuram in the meantime finds out there’s one honest officer in each department across the state, and is convinced that each of these honest officers has a link to Gabbar.

One fateful day, Aditya and Shruti are checking out of a roadside café when Shruti is hurt in a minor accident, and Aditya takes her to the Patil Hospital where a female doctor insists on taking a number of expensive tests despite minimal injury. Aditya happens to overhear a doctor try to suggest the rather expensive Caesarean section delivery and is soon convinced of the hospital staff’s dirty tricks when he notices a father-daughter duo being informed of the mother’s death only after an expensive bill was paid. He deliberately checks in a poor woman’s dead husband as a patient; unaware of his trap, the hospital tries to swindle money out of Aditya by pretending to treat the already dead man, making him pay heavily for tests and medicines. However, Aditya shows them the death certificate as a proof of their knowingly admitting a dead man. The young owner of the hospital, Vikas Patil, is furious when Aditya releases the video of the hospital’s corruption to the media despite having struck a deal with him. Vikas is murdered by the enraged public, and his father Digvijay Patil sees Aditya in the hospital CCTV footage, only to realize this is the same man he had supposedly killed five years ago.

A flashback soon reveals that Aditya’s pregnant wife Sunaina died when the buildings in their colony collapsed and killed hundreds of other people too. Aditya collected proof of the faulty buildings against builder Digvijay, who bribed everyone and tried to bribe Aditya too by offering Rs. 10 million to spare the matter, but Aditya spurned the offer by fighting everyone in the room and nearly killing Digvijay. Aditya spared him when the latter asked for forgiveness, but Digvijay brutally retaliated by hitting him with an axe and left him for dead. However, a bus full of medical students found the unconscious Aditya on a highway and saved his life. He then decided to use the power of idealistic, young, honest youths and trained students at National College to join his cause. Meanwhile, Sadhuram finds that all the honest officers attended National College for graduation. Shruti discovers that Aditya is the real Gabbar and is shocked but when he tells her the truth, she supports his cause.

CBI officer Kuldeep Pahwa takes charge of the case and is mystified by the facts. He listens to Sadhuram’s findings, and they arrest the National College students listed by Sadhuram, but upon being beaten, the students do not divulge anything about Gabbar, which enrages him further. Shruti tells Kuldeep that because the law doesn’t work, a vigilante like Gabbar has become a hero for ordinary citizens. Sadhuram changes his view of Gabbar. Digvijay kills an honest officer to terrorize others into passing his faulty building plans. Gabbar targets Digvijay for his act. Digvijay throws a birthday party for himself, and as he cuts the cake, he spots Aditya. Aditya and his gang kidnap him. As police search the city for Digvijay in vain, Aditya kills Digvijay in a fight that ensues between the two, following which he surrenders himself to the police and is eventually given a death penalty, sparking huge public protests and enraged students block his jail van. Kuldeep requests him to speak to the students and he does, telling them to channel their anger against corruption and be the change society needs. Finally, while being prepared to be hanged, Aditya remarks that he will die but the movement will live on.

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