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Student of the Year 2 (2019)

Rohan Sachdev (Tiger Shroff), a middle-class student, decides to go to the affluent St. Teresa’s College after his childhood sweetheart, Mridula Chawla aka Mia (Tara Sutaria) transfers there. The two begin a relationship when Rohan wins the college over by showing his sports skills. Rohan becomes friends with Manav Singh Randhawa (Aditya Seal), the reigning “Student of the Year” and the son of a very powerful person, Sukesh Singh Randhawa (Chetan Pandit). Rohan is at odds with Manav’s sister Shreya Randhawa (Ananya Panday), a popular girl at the college, who detests and insults him one day. One of her pranks creates a rift between Rohan and his friends from his previous school.

Rohan-Mia and Manav-Shreya are coupled up for a dance competition which the latter wins after Mia falters. Rohan finds Mia getting intimate with Manav and realizes that he had deliberately planted her to spoil Rohan’s image. He is expelled when he beats Manav. The next day, for beating the son of a big person, Rohan is expelled from the college and is later brutally beaten up by Manav and his friends and knocked out of the college unconscious. Initially discouraged, he eventually comes back and challenges Manav for the Student of the Year trophy.

Rohan returns to his old school, Pishorilal, where Shreya, impressed by his sincerity, helps him make amends with his old friends. She also convinces him to join her in a national dance competition. Shreya falls in love with him as they practice. Meanwhile, Mia’s attempts to win him back after Manav cheats on her, end in an argument between Mia and Shreya where the latter spills coffee over the former.

During an inter-school multi-event tournament, a fight breaks out between Pishorilal and St. Teresa’s students, ending in Rohan’s teammate Abhishek (Abhishek Bajaj) being badly injured. At the hospital, Mia holds Rohan’s hand in front of Shreya to show that they had reconciled. She apologizes to Mia and after blessing them with happiness, she leaves. Rohan follows her and professes his love, but she refuses.

Pishorilal manages to climb up the ranks and reach the final against St. Teresa. On the second night, Mia tries to kiss Rohan, but he refuses, saying that it was time to focus on accomplishing something. Although upset, she decides to support him and they become friends.

Before the final, he confesses his love to Shreya again, which she accepts when he tells her that Mia is just his friend. Shreya and Mia support Pishorilal in the match. Rohan helps his team fight and win the tournament, defeating St. Teresa. Rohan and Shreya embrace, while Mia leaves smiling, knowing that Rohan’s dream of being the Student of the Year will now come true. Pishorilal celebrates their first-ever victory, and Rohan becomes the Student of the Year, leaving Manav upset.

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