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Student of the Year (2012)

Terminally ill and on his deathbed, former Dean of St. Teresa’s College, Yogendra “Yogi” Vashisht, requests to see the students from his last batch. Some of them arrive to meet him and hold themselves responsible for the lively Dean having fallen ill. The film then goes into a flashback set ten years back.

Rohan “Ro” Nanda is a handsome, popular guy in the college and the son of its trustee, tycoon Ashok Nanda. Ashok wants him to be a businessman like his elder son Ajay and dislikes his passion for music. Shanaya Singhania, a rich and highly popular girl in the college, is his girlfriend. She feels dissatisfied due to his constant flirting with Tanya Israni, another student and her nemesis. Abhimanyu “Abhi” Singh, a new student coming from a middle-class family, who wants to become rich like Ashok, soon becomes the college’s heartthrob. Abhi is an orphan whose grandmother is the only person who he truly loves in his life. He and Ro initially do not get along but soon become best friends after a football match. Ro introduces him to Shanaya, reminding him to not get involved with her, but Abhi maintains that he is not interested. Kaizad “Sudo” Sodabottleopenerwala, a student who Ro is repulsive to, has a lot of admiration for Abhi, and in the process, he too becomes part of Abhi’s, Ro’s, and Shanaya’s circle.

At Ajay’s wedding, Shanaya sees Ro flirting with Tanya and feels betrayed; in return, she openly flirts with Abhi, who tacitly hints her off, to make Ro jealous. Over this period, Abhi realizes that he, too, has fallen for Shanaya. Meanwhile, back at the school, the “Student of the Year” competition commences, with the first rounds being a quiz test, a treasure hunt and a dance battle. Shanaya slowly develops feelings for Abhi over the course of the competition. Abhi’s grandmother becomes ill before the dance battle and Abhi’s aunt berates him for bringing bad luck to every family he goes to. After the death of Abhi’s grandmother, Shanaya helps him cope, and, feeling attracted to each other in a tender moment, they share a kiss. Ro witnesses this, resulting in a fight between him and Abhi. Following an intense confrontation with Ashok back home, Ro is now determined to win the competition. Shanaya and her best friend Shruti fall out over the competition, and so does Ro and his friend Jeet, who always followed him around as a stooge. Shanaya goes with Jeet to the dance battle, and Abhi goes with Shruti, while Ro goes with Tanya. Shanaya, conflicted by her feelings, leaves in the middle of the dance battle, and she, Sudo, and Tanya are eliminated.

The final round of the competition is a triathlon. Abhi, in the lead, surprisingly slows down during the end, resulting in Ro winning the competition. Ro, however, declines to accept the award citing personal reasons. After Ro steps down, Yogi is heavily berated by Sudo, who talks about how the Student of the Year competition has always been rigged from the start. Sudo says that the competition broke their friendship of two years and was unfair to people like Sudo, who wasn’t as popular or attractive as Abhi or Ro. After finishing his speech, he storms out. This causes Yogi to eventually retire. The students soon graduate and lose contact with each other.

Back in the present, Ro, a pop star, and Abhi, a successful investment banker, run into each other when they come to visit Yogi. Shanaya is now married to Abhi; he and Ro end up fighting while talking about their past and happen to release the anger they were holding back for the last ten years. Abhi also reveals the truth about the triathlon – he saw that Ashok was happy to see Ro losing and so he intentionally allowed Ro to win and that it was his way of surpassing Ashok in stature. While bickering, they end up in a friendly banter, much like as they did in college, thus rekindling their friendship. Yogi apologizes to his former students, and dies at peace. The film ends with Abhi and Ro having a friendly running race.

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