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Ranbir Kapoor’s Animal Movie Plot

In Delhi, Ranvijay “Vijay” Singh’s love for his wealthy tycoon father Balbir Singh is exceptional though the latter’s schedule keeps him from spending time with his family; Balbir heads Swastik Steels, a major steel company. He ousts Vijay to a boarding school in the US when Vijay threatens his sister Reet’s bullies with an AK-47. Vijay finishes his education and returns home after years. He gets into an argument with Reet’s husband Varun, prompting Balbir to expel him once again from the household. Vijay marries his childhood love Geetanjali, and the couple cuts off their families and moves to the USA.

Eight years later, Vijay, Geetanjali, and their two kids fly back to India when Balbir is shot by assassins. Upon reconciling with his family, Vijay takes it upon himself to uncover the assassin’s identity; he rounds up his cousins from the village for backup and recruits a body double for his father, who is eventually killed by Asrar Haque, the assassin. Vijay discovers Varun’s role in the assassination attempt and murders him publicly at a conference where Asrar is also present. Later, Vijay meets an arms dealer at a hotel, where hundreds of assailants, headed by Asrar, attack. Vijay takes them all down and kills Asrar but is severely wounded and is bedridden for two weeks. He recovers in two weeks but undergoes a heart transplant for his failing heart.

Vijay recuperates after several months and is approached by Zoya, the fiancĆ©e of his heart donor. Vijay starts an affair with Zoya. Zoya reveals that she was sent by Asrar’s brother Abrar Haque to honey trap him. Vijay, however, had always known this and acted along to learn the mastermind’s identity. He lets Zoya go and learns from his grandfather Rajdheer Singh that Abrar and his brothers are Vijay’s second cousins; they are Rajdheer’s younger brother Shamsher’s grandchildren. Rajdheer had renounced Shamsher for his immoral antics; years later, Shamsher’s son, Azim, who had converted to Islam, was denied any share in Balbir’s assets, prompting Shamsher to commit suicide. Abrar, who had witnessed his grandfather’s suicide, became mute from the trauma. Abrar has relocated to Scotland and has been the one plotting against Balbir to seek vengeance for his family. Click here to watch or Download Animal Movie

Vijay and his cousins travel to Scotland and stop Abrar as he is about to escape the country in a private jet with his other brother Abid. A violent duel ensues on the runway, ending in Vijay killing Abrar. Back home during Diwali, Balbir reveals his terminal illness to Vijay and realizes that his lack of love for his son has always been the root cause of Vijay’s aggression. Finally, Balbir apologizes to Vijay and the two reconcile. Geetanjali leaves Vijay, but their son stays with him, as Vijay is not a strict parent unlike Balbir.

In a post-credits scene, Aziz, the youngest of the Haque brothers, and an infamous assassin in Istanbul, undergoes plastic surgery to resemble Vijay. Zoya is with him, revealed to be pregnant, though unsure whether the child is Aziz’ or Vijay’s. Aziz sets out with Abid to exact retaliation for the deaths of their two elder brothers.

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Animal Movie Reviews

Aarav Patel (Source: Google)

“Animal” a movie from which i expected a lot (as people were saying its going to change indian cinema) It is a nice movie you can go to thetere grab some popcorns enjoy the first half with brilliant BGM, Action And Ranbir Kapoor‘s amazing acting skills that Adranline rush just amazing the story was also going nice. As the second half starts the action starts fading away and people starts having full conversion that you barely see in first half Some of the dilogues in the movie are very nicely written medical terms used very aptly that dilogue about swastik and Nazi symbol (detailing)Amazing!! Ranbir(Vijay):He is a phenomenal actor he really make you fall in love with him when he is on screen though some things which he does seems unrealistic Rashmika (Geetanjali): she did a nice job being a “wife” her character was very important for film and according to me she played it convincingly. Download Animal Movie HD Anil kapoor (Balbir singh):He was well casted for this role. He portrayed the feeling of helplessness when somebody over loves u & their love starts becoming toxic to everybody around but You can’t really do anything about it very nicely. Boby Deol( Abrab) :u barely see him on screen but when he is on then you’ll not see anyone not even ranbir his body his aura everything was impeccable. Story: when we go to watch a hyped movie as an audience we expect to watch something new or Extraordinary but it was nothing like that.I felt director just mixed old Bollywood and Tollywood with a touch of modern BGM Action and nice cinematography thats it Overall a mediocre film I Hope indian youth and audience will see it as entertainment only nothing beyond that!!it’s a story where you’ll experience Gutsy love between Son & Father, Husband &wife, Brother & Sister, in a raw manner.Vanga has some weird and different perspective of women as we can see it in kabir singh alsoalso Misoginystic as always 610 people found this helpful.

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