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Emily Meyers and Luke Edmunds, analysts at the cutthroat Manhattan hedge fund One Crest Capital, are in a secret passionate relationship unbeknownst to their coworkers. Luke proposes to Emily while at his brother’s wedding, and she happily accepts. The next day, one of the company’s portfolio managers is fired. Emily tells Luke she overheard her colleagues mentioning Luke being considered as a replacement and they celebrate that night. However, at a late-night meeting with Campbell, the firm’s CEO, Emily learns she will be receiving the promotion. Emily reluctantly breaks the news to Luke, but he expresses his support.

As Emily settles into her new job, Luke’s resentment over not being promoted becomes increasingly apparent, leading to tensions in his relationship with Emily. Luke becomes consumed with the work of a self-help guru coaching people on how to assert themselves in the workplace. When Emily questions his choice to spend $3,000 on the course, Luke suggests she could benefit from becoming more assertive, to which she becomes defensive. Luke rebuffs Emily’s attempts to initiate sex and goes to bed.

While out for drinks with Campbell and Paul, a senior executive at the fund, Emily learns Campbell is seeking to get rid of Luke, considering him ineffectual. Emily attempts to advocate more for Luke in the workplace, but it backfires when Luke makes a poor trading call that loses the company $25 million, leading to Campbell insulting her. Luke attempts to rectify himself by feeding Emily insider information confirming the alleged collapse of a company whose stock the fund can short. Concerned about the trade being illegal, Emily recommends Campbell to short another company, which proves successful. When the short sale is closed, Emily receives a $575,000 commission check. Emily considers celebrating her success with Luke, who is in her office after hours to discuss strategies for future trades but opts to go to a strip club with her male co-workers. She comes home intoxicated while Luke, after seeing the check, has no interest in having sex with her.

When another portfolio manager is fired the next day, Luke wants Emily to recommend him for the role, but she hints Campbell is not interested in promoting him. Luke goes to Campbell’s office and makes an elaborate speech pledging his loyalty to him, only to learn Campbell has already hired a new portfolio manager. That night, Emily learns her mother had planned a surprise engagement party for them that Friday. A drunken Luke accuses Emily of stealing his job, but Emily reveals Campbell wanted to fire him, leading Luke to storm out.

The next day, while Emily, Campbell, and Paul pitch to overseas investors, Luke barges into the conference room intoxicated and causes a scene, berating Campbell for denying him a promotion and revealing his relationship with Emily, which has violated company policy since her promotion. An infuriated Emily is unable to reach Luke over the phone, only to find him at the engagement party. The two argue in front of their families, and Emily smashes a bottle on Luke’s head when he suggests she had traded sexual favors for the promotion. Emily retreats to a bathroom where Luke finds her and the two argue before having sex. During sex, Luke forces Emily forward twice, causing her face to slam against the bathroom counter. Emily tells Luke to stop, but he does not. The next morning, to protect her job, Emily tells Campbell she was being stalked by Luke and they were never in a relationship.

Emily returns home to find Luke there, having packed up his belongings and planning to move in with his brother. Infuriated by his nonchalant attitude and demanding an apology for raping her, Emily threatens Luke with a knife. She attacks Luke with the knife until he apologizes and breaks down crying. Luke begs for her forgiveness and Emily orders him to leave before dropping the knife and smiling.

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