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In 1979 Rudravanam, Venkata Chalapathy and his wife are brutally assaulted, whisked away and immolated by the outraged inhabitants, who surmise that their eerie rituals (Black magic) induced multiple deaths in the village; the dying woman curses Rudravanam and anticipates destruction of the village after twelve years. The couple’s young son Bhairava is subsequently admitted into an orphanage at the Sarpanch Harishchandra Prasad’s behest.

In 1991, a week after the disappearance of a resident Siddhaiah in the aftermath of a supernatural crow mauling him, Anasuyamma, escorted by her son Surya and nephew, visits Rudravanam, her hometown, to contribute a tract of their land for construction of a school and attend the village’s annual carnival, organized in the honour of Goddess Modamamba. Surya’s encounter with Nandini, Harishchandra Prasad’s daughter, results in love and she apparently reciprocates but hesitates to accept his proposal. Siddhaiah, who has developed a sinister pox, shows up at the temple and dies in the inner sanctum, which is deemed to be a sacrilege. The temple’s head priest analyzes the customary edict, declaring that the Goddess and her children (the villagers) are desecrated and to contain the debacle with Siddhaiah’s death, it is necessary to seal the village in eight directions for the next eight days; commuting is prohibited and all the religious emblems are supposed to be stored in the temple. Surya and his family are permitted to exit, considering the fact that they have not been to the village for eighteen years. Nevertheless, Surya reenters Rudravanam to deliver a vial that could cure Nandini, who is prone to convulsions, rendering him incapable of traversing the extremities of the place for eight days.

Sudha, Nandini’s close friend, transgresses the boundary to elope with her lover Kumar, whose tragic death she witnesses and returns to the village, walks into a beehive, provoking the bees to attack and kill her. Unaware of Sudha’s quietus, her parents conceal her elopement, dreading disgrace. Alleged suicides of Suri, a milkman, and Parvathi, Surya’s cousin, intrigue Surya, who distrusts the assumptions and investigates the killings with an RMP doctor. An Aghora cautions the village of forthcoming perils and comprehends that they’ve made a mistake by imposing the lockdown. Surya discovers Sudha’s corpse and detects Kumar’s demise; realizing that Suri witnessed Sudha’s death and Parvathi saw Suri slitting his throat just as Sudha viewed Kumar’s death, Surya deduces that death is being infected from one to another and locates the latest possible victim: Nandini, who eventually contemplates suicide but Surya’s timely intervention rescues her. Surya assimilates the past involving Chalapathy and his family and infiltrates their dilapidated residence with the RMP; discerning a recent visit to the place, Surya suspects Bhairava. The head priest assesses the edict and proclaims that sacrificing Nandini will end the occurrences. Resisting the villagers, Surya sedates Nandini and vows to resolve the problem within eight hours. He visits Bhairava’s orphanage, where he discovers that Bhairava absconded after paralyzing its founder. Surya locates a few Aghoras in the process of spearheading a search for Bhairava’s hideout. The Aghora, who has warned the villagers earlier, assists him in discovering a cave, where the spell has been cast. Surya uncovers Bhairava’s belongings, which help him realize that Kumar is Bhairava, and the actual edict of Rudravanam, which was replaced with a fake one: one that is being utilized currently. Grasping that a villager has been aiding and in fact, directing Kumar to execute the curse, Surya ascertains that Nandini’s sacrifice is a hoax to exterminate the village.

With the Aghora, Surya departs to desist the villagers but the superstitious residents of neighboring villages prevent them, fearing deaths in their respective hometowns. He eventually manages to return and is stunned to see the villagers possessed, since they have proceeded with the ritual, owing to Surya’s delay. Conjecturing that Harishchandra Prasad is Kumar’s secret accomplice, Surya goes to confront him and realizes that Nandini is Chalapathi’s daughter, whose existence has been secreted by Harischandra Prasad. Perceiving Nandini to be the principal perpetrator, Surya informs Harishchandra Prasad of Nandini’s conspiracies and rushes back to the site of sacrifice. He confronts Nandini for decimating the innocents but she refuses to back off, commands him to leave and tries to proceed with the ritual. She tells him that Chalapathy was an Atharvana Veda practitioner, whose attempts to cure his paralyzed wife were misinterpreted to be evil practices in a frenzy and that she has been exacting revenge from the village along with Bhairava. Despite Nandini’s insistence, Surya refuses to leave and attempts to aid her in realizing her love for him, requesting her to cease the ritual. Nandini, who is unable to attack him due to the pendant, reciprocates his feelings and asks him to kill her, which will intercept the ritual. He brings himself to stab her, ending the death plague and rescuing the villagers from getting killed.

During Nandini’s cremation, Surya requests the villagers to retire from their taboo regarding evil practices and transform Chalapathy’s house into a school. He looks at Nandini’s pendant, prompting his eyes to glow in a paranormal way.

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